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2011-01-06 14:05:21 by sniperleader1337

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2010-12-31 18:54:29 by sniperleader1337

Why did all of my creativity die?

Does depression medication actually kill motivation? T_____T

Ya know what NG? I absolutely despise your picture size/filetype regulations. >_>


2010-12-09 17:52:55 by sniperleader1337

I haven't been on here in a while. >.>

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2010-09-17 19:27:24 by sniperleader1337

I dunno.


Or whatever it is you guys do. Point:

I'd like THIS song remixed.

I'd more along the lines like it remastered. As the quality there isn't very good. But, if you could throw in your own twist or spins (techno especially) that'd be great.

PM me if you have no time on your hands and are open for remixing.

Thanks! :D

It doesn't feel like the school year though...'s out.

2010-06-10 13:51:35 by sniperleader1337

it doesn't feel like summer though.

Celtic Metal?

2010-05-22 10:13:23 by sniperleader1337

Jeez. and just when i thought i couldn't find anything i liked, I FOUND CELTIC METAL. this is the only genre of music i know about that will talk anything about the middle ages! so far i've found four groups: Battlelore, Moonspell, Eluveite, and Korpiklaan.

if anybody else listens to this type of music, any chance you could recommend me a new band?

seems like

2010-04-03 17:44:36 by sniperleader1337

i needed a new post. so what's up?

damn power outages.

2010-03-13 12:51:56 by sniperleader1337

I was just playin' team fortress 2 for my pc. 3 points from taking first place, when the damned power goes out. ARGH!